Tri Spirit Events - Half Mara and 10km

The Galleries

The links below will take you to galleries of photos from the Tri Spirit Events Half Marathon and 10k event (29 November 2015).  Each gallery should open in a new tab.  The images are heavily watermarked but for a modest sum you can buy the photo with no watermarks or copy write markings.  To buy any of the images, please take a note of the picture reference number shown on the bottom left of the image (for example “DSC_1234”) and email the photo reference numbers to me at  I will get back to you with payment details and arrange to send the photos to you. 

The Results

For ease of reference, the link to the race results is here!

The build up

Here are a few photos of the build up to the event.. mostly people warming up.

The 10k Race

I have split these up as follows:

  1.     Before the start

  2.     Leaving the stadium

  3.     Up to 1 hour

  4.     1 hour to 1:15

  5.     1:16 to 1:30 hrs

  6.     Over 1:31 hrs

The Brett Ashford Half Marathon

split up again, as follows:

  1.     The Start

  2.     First Lap of the Julie Rose Stadium

  3.     Half Way

Finishing photos.....   

  1.     Winner and up to 1:40

  2.     1:41 to 1:45

  3.     1:46 to 1:50

  4.     1:51 to 1:55

  5.     1:56 to 2:00

  6.     2:01 to 2:05

  7.     2:06 to 2:20

  8.     2:21 to the end

Thank you for your support and well done to you all on completing what looked like a tough event on a fairly brutal day.