Tri Spirit Events - Hole Park - a day of events!

The Events and Galleries

On the 3rd of April TriSpirit Events put on a smorgasbord of events including a 5k and 10k trail event (at which dogs were also welcome), two distances for road cyclists and 3 different trail duathlon distances!  Somehow Liz, Ali and the team at TriSpirit also managed to organise the most amazing weather. 

The links below will take you to galleries of photos from each event.  The images are heavily watermarked but for a modest sum  you can buy the photo with no watermarks.  To buy any of the images, please take a note of the picture reference number shown on the bottom left of the image (for example “DSC_1234”) and email the photo reference numbers to me at  I will get back to you with payment details and arrange to send the photos to you. 

The Winners Gallery

Some of the winners didn’t collect their prizes personally, but for the ones who did there here are your pictures.

The Event Galleries

The photos for are separated by event and the links to each event are below.  The finish line photos are uploaded in time sequence (ie as they were taken).  I may have missed a few people at the finish.  If I missed you, please forgive me!

5km Trail Run

10km Trail Run

Sprint Duathlon

Standard Duathlon

Super Distance Duathlon

Cyclo Sportiff

And here are a few general shots of Duathletes on their bikes, the transition area and the finish area.

Thank you for your support and well done to you all on completing what looked like a tough event albeit on a beautiful day.