Tri Spirit Events - Owler Tri 2016

The Galleries

The links below will take you to galleries of photos from the Tri Spirit Events Owler Tri.  There were a number of events running over a variety of distances and only me covering the pictures.  If you saw me then I probably got a shot of you.  Well done to Liz King and her team at Tri Spririt Events for putting on another cracking day of racing in a fabulous venue.

Each gallery will open in a new tab.  The images are heavily watermarked but for a modest sum you can buy the photo with no watermarks or copy write markings.  To buy any of the images, please take a note of the picture reference number shown on the bottom left of the image (for example “DSC_1234”) and email the photo reference numbers to me at  I will get back to you with payment details and arrange to send the photos to you. 

The Event Website

Owler Tri

The Racing

I have split these up as follows:

  1.     The swim

  2.     Transition

  3.     Dismount

The finish line:

  1.     Sprint Distance

  2.     Standard Distance

  3.     Half Distance

  4.     Numbers not visible!

Tri Stars       

  1.     Tri Stars 1 swimming

  2.     Tri Stars finishing (not all age groups captured)

  3.     Tri Stars Podium

The Winners

  1.    The Podium

And finally a few random photos from the event.

Thank you for your support and well done to everyone who took part.