Brett Owler 10k - finishers photos

Finish photos

To make it easier to find yourself I’ve listed Your Photos by chip finish time in blocks as per the links below.  Hope that works!

If you would like any of the pictures, make a note of the photo number (eg DSC_4053) and email me the picture number(s) and your race number. In reply you will get detailed payment instructions (ie Paypal reference and/or BACs details) and Your Photos will be sent through as soon as I can, normally same day.

Results (link to indentisports)

Finish Times (chip times):

Winner - 50:52

52:26 - 56:42

57:00 - 1:00:38

1:00:40 - 1:03:58

1:04:58 - 1:06:35

1:08:21 - 1:12:00

1:14:00 - end