Tri Spirit Events  
2018 Chilham Duathlon, 5 & 10km & Canicross


Just in case you need another link to the results - here it is.


Your Photos

The links below will take you to galleries of photos from the Tri Spirit Events Chilham Duathlon (sprint and standard), 5km and 10km runs and the 5km and 10km Canicross (doggy dash)!   Each gallery will open in a new tab.  I was on my own today so difficult to be everywhere at the same time!  Hopefully I got everyone somewhere around the course but didn’t get everyone crossing the finishing line. 

If you like any of the photos they are £3 each, way cheaper than most commercial Event Photos.  Please take a note of the picture reference number shown on the bottom left of the image (for example “DSC_1234”) and email the photo reference numbers to me at  I will get back to you with payment details and arrange to send the digital images of the pictures to you in JPEG format via  The images will be processed in Adobe Lightroom; cropped and processed to show you in your best light.  (Any photos that are not properly in-focus will be sent without charge).

The Events

Start photos (5k and Sprint Duathlon)

5k and Sprint Duathlon photos on the course

Sprint Duathlon finish photos

10k and Standard Duathlon photos on the course

10k last lap and finish photos

Standard Duathlon last lap and finish photos

Canicross - start

Canicross - general shots out on the course

Canicross - Finish (5k and 10k)

Thank you for your support.