Ashford Tri Club - Hythe Bay Triathlon 20 May 18

The Hythe Bay Tri photos are sorted by bib number and there are images of just about everyone who crossed the finish line.  Select the correct gallery below and then scroll through to find Your Photos.  If you can’t find yourself using your bib number check the “no number” gallery as there were a few people who’s numbers could not be read.

For a modest sum (only £3/image) you can buy the digital copies with no watermarks.  To buy any of the photos, please take a note of the picture reference number shown on the bottom left of the image (for example “DSC_1234”) and email the photo reference numbers to me at  I will get back to you with payment details and arrange to transfer the photos to you using the WeTransfer service. 

The Event Galleries

The images shown are watermarked, low res and have not been cropped or processed.  Any images purchased are fully processed through “Adobe Lightroom CC” to a professional standard.

The results from RaceTimingSolutions

Finish Line Photos  (sorted into groups by bib number - and then shown in the time order that you finished).











No Number

And a few general shots taken at the beginning of the morning:

Best finish photo by a long way!  Thanks Ellie



Mount/Dismount line

Any questions about the event photos please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for supporting the event.